ISSP committees


The ISSP has two forms of committees:

1. Standing committees are regular committees
2. Ad Hoc committees are created and tasked by the executive board for specific (usually time-limited) purposes.

All committees consist of a chair person and 3-5 members. The committees indicated below are regular committees only.


Education and Training committee

This committee aims to clarify the role of the ISSP in establishing guidelines and certification processes for training. It also aims to make recommendations for organising and implementing training events in clinical practice of substance-assisted psychotherapy worldwide.

The committee also establishes written standards for participation in training and education in substance assisted psychotherapy.

Committee on Ethical Practices

This committee hears ethical complaints against members, evaluates the cases as far as possible and makes recommendations to the executive board.


History committee

This committee is formed to collect and preserve information about the ISSP that is of historical importance and of archival interest. In the future, it will post a brief description of the ISSP history on the website, and it archives all ISSP newsletters. It collects and archives photos of past presidents as well as documents and photos of past congresses. In addition, the committee will gather historical information and documents regarding the general approach of substance-assisted psychotherapy.

Membership committee

This committee supports the board in approving membership applications, as credentials and qualifications must be verified. It is also responsible for cases involving conflicts about membership issues. The committee oversees the care and expansion of both individual and constituent membership of the association.


Research committee

This committee develops and oversees projects related to the support of research in substance-assisted psychotherapy worldwide.


Committee on Publications

This committee shall supervise the publications policies of the ISSP and make recommendations to the executive board.

Awards committee

This committee selects and recommends the recipients of the awards (link to award descriptions?). The committee is comprised of members who have knowledge about experts in the field of substance-assisted psychotherapy or the appropriate area of hallucinogen/entactogen research and/or public educational work.